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FOR SALE - Yamaha Stage Custom drum kit - all cymbals & stands

We are still looking for quality vocalists to do some studio work. Get some free studio time!


We use PRO-TOOLS as our recording system. Pro-Tools is known as the “best” in the industry.

Instruments and Equipment:

Available for you to use during sessions: Epiphone Del Rey electric guitar, Taylor acoustic guitar, Fender base guitar & amp, La Patrie classical guitar, Sigma Martin 12 string acoustic. Yamaha stage/custom drums.


We have a Yamaha Stage Custom drum kit in the studio (for sale), plus we have great computerized drums on software that are programmable, such as “Something Beautiful” which is the first song on the “music produced” page of this site. They can give you a great “real” drum sound as well, and actually do things a lot of drummers can not. This software can be plugged into the first track as you begin recording to keep you on beat, and then adding multiple drum riffs for a real drum kit sound and feel.

We also can input instruments such as strings, violin, saxophone and other back up instruments into the mix for a more full band sound.


We’ve come to realize over the years that most bands would rather record in the same room, not separated in individual sound rooms. We go for the open room sound and a more comfortable feel which almost always produces a better sound overall. If you’re not comfortable, you’re not going to do your best.

We can record one track at a time and layer the development of your song, or we can record up to 16 individual tracks all at once, so your band can lay everything down together, no problem either way. Although when we record the full band, all at once, we put down a temporary vocal track and then re-record the vocals again while the singer listens through top quality headphones while in the isolated sound booth. The vocals are so important, I like to concentrate on those tracks without having the other instruments distracting me or bleeding through the vocal mic.